Fortis Fitness™ is a private training facility that was created in 2006 with the soul purpose of helping people live their best lives possible – whether that be losing weight, building strength or simply moving better.

One of the great things often mentioned about training with Fortis is the non-judgemental, comfortable environment that is created whether at the facility or online. No matter the fitness level, Fortis is the solution for your fitness needs!


because the best coaches have personal experience. I understand you because I’m probably like you. I am over forty, have a family (look to the right), and work full time. I know exactly what you are going through because I went through it.

Even though I work in the fitness industry, there was a time when I was putting my health last. Before I knew it, I was 20 pounds overweight (see the before and after), unhappy, and embarrassed by my body. My quality of life was suffering and I needed to get back in shape.

Similar to you, I hate unrealistic, extreme and unsustainable workouts that leave me feeling like crap along with restrictive diets that give me a list of foods or even whole food groups to avoid. Yeah right! How long would anybody follow that? Extreme is just not sustainable.

Therefore, I did what I do best; I developed and followed my own plan.

The best coaches have personal experience!

Cesar has been part o fthe Fortis family for nearly 7 years now! He is not only a great friend but an amazing trainer aswell. Cesar always had a passion for sports and fitness. Being a former track and field champion and soccer competitor, Cesar knows what it means to work hard to accomplish your goals. That attitude and his desire to help others reach their fitness goals is what motivates Cesar to excel as a coach. His love of fitness has also lead him to pursue  a degree in Exercise Physiology.
– Sports Performance Specialsit – Exos
– Certified Personal Trainer – Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
– Speed and Agility Coach – Athletes Acceleration
– SFG Kettlebell Certified – StrongFirst
State Champion – Track and Field
Sectional Champion – Track and Field
Skyland Conference First Team – Track and Field

I’ve been helping people discover the best versions of themselves through health and fitness for over 20 years. I’ve traveled all over the country for years learning from the best people in their disciplines. One thing is for sure, I love coaching people and changing lives!

I’ve been involved in health and fitness my whole life. Here I am at 16 (1990).