Fortis Fitness™ is a High Performance, private training facility that was created in 2006 with the sole purpose of helping people live their best lives possible – whether that be increased sports performance, losing weight, building strength, or simply moving better.

One of the great things often mentioned about training with Fortis is the non-judgemental, comfortable environment that is created at the facility. No matter your fitness level, Fortis is the solution for your fitness and performance needs!

Owner & Performance Specialist

Joe Weissenburger

Growing up, sports and weight training was always a part of my life. Having a father that lifted at the famous Keasby Eagles Weightlifting Club, I was introduced to weight training and Olympic Weightlifting at a young age. Combining that love of weight training with a love for helping people become the best version of themselves, is what lead me to get into the physical fitness field and eventually open my own in facility in 2006.

Between my years of specialized training and practical experience with hundreds of clients, I’ve learned how to enhance a client’s body and performance through personalized programming. Each of my clients, from professionals to middle schoolers, have thrived under my training programs, reduced risk of injury, and maximized their potential in their sport, and life.

My Credentials:
• NSCA-CPT: Nationally Certified Personal Trainer
• TITLEIST PERFORMANCE INSTITUTE (TPI): Certified Golf Fitness Level 2
• FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT SCREEN (FMS): Movement Specialist Level 2
• BIOFORCE: Certified Conditioning Specialist
• USA WEIGHTLIFTING: Olympic Weightlifting Coach
• STRETCH TO WIN: Flexibility Specialist
• POLIQUIN PERFORMANCE: PICP 1, Biosignature, Program Design
• CHEK INSTITUTE: Scientific Core, Scientific Back, Program Design, Advanced Program Design
• MEL SIFF STRENGTH CAMP: Weekend studying with legendary Mel Siff

• Black Belt Tae Kwon Do
• Black Belt Gracie Jiujitsu
• 2nd Place Junior Olympic Weightlifting


Cesar has been part of the fortis family for nearly 9 years! He is not only a great friend but an amazing trainer as well. Cesar always had a passion for sports and fitness. Being a former track and field champion and soccer competitor, cesar knows what it means to work hard to accomplish your goals. That attitude, coupled with his desire to help others reach their fitness goals is what motivates cesar to excel as a coach. His love of fitness has also lead him to pursue a degree in exercise physiology.

Cesar’s Credentials:
• EXOS: Sports Performance Specialsit
• ATHLETES ACCELERATION: speed and agility coach
• STRONGFIRST: sfg kettlebell certified