Our one-on-one Golf Fitness Program is designed to improve your mobility, strength, and power and ultimately decrease any pain that might be hindering you on the course. When it comes to your Swing Faults, I will leave that to your Golf Coach/Pro. As both a TPI & FMS certified fitness trainer, I strongly believe that if you train like an athlete, you will naturally improve your body’s ability to move well, stay healthy and increase your power to better improve your game.

We will perform a Golf-specific movement screen along with a functional movement screen to identify limitations and movement dysfunction in your body that affect your swing and linit your performance. Fixing these limitations is the fastest way to improve your golf game and decrease the risk of injury. 

Ready to Get Started?

These three easy steps can improve your life and increase your peformance. It’s time you discover our personalized training geared toward your goals and success.

STEP 1: Free Consultation

Just reach out and we’ll set up a free consultation call or in-person visit to the gym where we can discuss your goals.

STEP 2: Assess

After the initial consultation, we will schedule your first in-person session where we will do a full evaluation of your health, current fitness state, and movement potential.

STEP 3: Custom Plan

We design an individualized program– combining fitness, mobility, stability, and strength in order to improve your body and/or sports performance.

STEP 4: Train & Progress

We progress you through a personalized workout program with our continued support and guidence.